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Social Media- How to Tame the Beast

Social Media- How to Tame the Beast

Jon Payne & Natasha Baldwin, Noisy Little Monkey

Everyone is always rattling on about using social media for your business. Apparently, your organisation needs to be on Facebook, you should be tweeting every 10 minutes, Google+ is the new black and if you’re not on Pinterest you’ll definitely go bust by next week.

Yadda yadda.

The fact is you don’t have time to do it all. You’ve got a job to do and a business to grow.

What you need is an understanding of what will work for your organisation, how long it will take and how your business can benefit. In this talk Jon and Natasha from Noisy Little Monkey will give you all that AND some great tips on how it will get you more visits from Google. They will even demonstrate five ways to get amazing, measurable ROI from social media

Noisy Little Monkey are a digital marketing agency based in Bristol. Their unique hybrid of Search Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, creative flair and technical wizardry, drives web traffic, enquiries and sales for organisations all over the world.

About The Speakers

Jon Payne is the founder of Noisy Little Monkey, a specialist search and social media marketing agency, based in the heart of Bristol. Natasha is the creative lead of the agency with a flair for design and imagery.

The agency is technically astute, engaging and with a relaxed approach.


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