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‘Sharing is Good’- Making Social Content Spread

Tiffany Maddox- Rubber Republic

The Clifton Club, Tuesday 14th October 2014, 5.30 – 8pm

‘Sharing Is Good’ – Making Social Content Spread

What makes branded content work? In the highly competitive world of social video, what do you need to do to ensure your film has the best possible chance of success? Can you engineer victory, or is it mostly down to fate? Tiffany took the audience through a few theories and explained how to dissect a successful, and not so successful campaign to see what can be learned from them.

Rubber Republic, are an internationally renowned online content studio. They create ultra-high performing online films, content strategies and projects.

With a string of viral hits and cutting edge work, they have achieved over 35 million organic views and won 22 international awards, including a Cannes Gold Lion, Mashie, Lovie, Dadi, and many more.

Remeber BodyForm Responds? The mad campaign for Yorkshire Tea? The fiat viral hit ‘The Motherhood’? These all came from Bristol based Rubber Republic.

About the Speaker

Tiffany is a multi award winning writer and an integral member of the tight-knit Rubber Republic team.

She started life as one of the original YouTube partners, where she developed her intuitive understanding of what makes content shareable and how to write for online audiences and communities. She takes a very strategic approach to writing and fully grasps the need to plan content activation hand in hand with the development of any creative idea. Working on projects throughout the process, from an early concept to scripting and distribution.


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