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Seasonal Facebook Campaigns: Strategies for Success

Data, engagement, traffic… What do you want for Christmas?

Anthony Rawlins is CEO and founder of Digital Visitor, a multi-award winning social media marketing agency in Bristol.

In this presentation, Anthony will talk about Facebook campaigns – covering associated benefits for businesses and how to create a three month strategy for themed content in the run up to Christmas (or at any other time of year). Anthony will also explain various key factors that determine the success of a campaign, whether your primary goal is data capture, boosting engagement or increasing traffic to your website.

About the speaker

Anthony is passionate about digital marketing and studied Business Management at Bristol University. Shortly after YouTube launched in 2005, he was inspired to set up a business himself – helping local attractions gain more exposure and sell themselves via the new video sharing platform. Since then, Digital Visitor has expanded its social media services in response to customer demand and can count some big name brands from travel and retail sectors amongst its recent clients.


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When and where

Our venue is the Clifton Club. As always, the evening starts at the bar with networking from 5.30pm. The talk starts at 6.30 and finish by 7.30pm allowing for more networking time until 8pm.

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Video Transcription

Hello everyone, how are you? All right excellent, nice. Okay, so today, this evening today. Goodness it’s late isn’t it? I’m going to talk about Facebook campaigns, hopefully I’ll give you some insight into the way that we deliver Facebook campaigns for some of our clients and tell you a bit about us but I don’t want to bore you too much with that.
Yeah, we’re going into the details behind how we run Facebook campaigns on how they can be successful for our clients. How you, how, you know, how, how they can be you planed as well and also how difficult they are. So digital visitor we are a digital marketing agency established in 2005, wow, we originally started, at the beginning of, of YouTube. Realising that there was a whole new cost effective medium for distributing video. So some of the, the craze for online video erupted, we created a lot of videos. We created hundreds of videos for travel tourism et cetera and put these online to increase their exposure.
And our growth is then into the development of the areas of additional marketing such as mainly social media. Has been requested by our clients. They said, can you do this, and we’ve gone, all right, we’ll give it a go, but done it well, clearly. And so, we now have a nice client list, none of which you can see up here. So I could basically say any brand in the world, couldn’t I? Shell and Coca-Cola come to us. No, that’s not the case. Intercontinental do though, Marriot, alliance, some big ones, and then also some really great local ones, like Alderman Apartments here in Bristol who do amazing. Anyway, but no, the, I mean, there’s some great local clients. I’ve seen some really, really big clients, and I think that the reason they work with us is cuz we are really effective in our profits and marketing, we’re effective. Now, we, we did work really hard. We’re really concentrated in the time that we deliver. And we work to results. We don’t say that we will increase engagement. We say we’re gonna increase these, this traffic to your website or this level of engagement. So, what we’re doing at the moment is we just moved into new offices on Corn Street which is nice. And we’ve won various awards I, I think our favourite thing, the best award that we won was the Innovation in travel Award where we beat Trip Advisor and Virgin for that which was nice. Not necessarily deserved. I think it must have been rigged, I don’t know who did that but there we go. So what I was gonna do was talk about, well, why bother with Facebook? I’m gonna get over this pretty quick, cuz I assume you’ve all heard of Facebook. But in the simplest terms, why bother? Well, lots of people use it, lots of people spend time on it. It’s about attracting relevant fans you can target really nicely with Facebook. It’s the age-old world, word of mouth marketing, isn’t it?
It’s the referral, it’s a powerful, powerful conversion tool. If somebody refers business your way you
know it’s more likely to close and convert than if someone happened to trip over you and, as I said As I made the, the final point twice now, it’s obviously very important, the, you have the ability to target specific audiences.

So how to master social in three simple ways. These are the three simple ingredients of, of social
Media community growth, obvious. But then it’s about keeping your audience entertained.
I can’t help but think about, Maximus Desmeridius whatever it is in the middle of the amphitheatre saying are you not entertained.
You have to keep them entertained otherwise, again, why would they be on your Facebook page?
And tracking a lot of people grow your likes. I can tell you where can increase your likes by
10,000 for $200 in the Philippines if you really want. That’s not really gonna deliver much for you. So tracking shows you make clear results tracking literally down to sales from social media. So, Facebook campaigns. Now, what I thought I would do is take you through the kind of step by step approach we look at with, with Facebook campaigns. There are, sorry, I must have missed something there. So, of course, as community growth. Keeping your audience entertained and tracking. But what we’re going to focus on is growth. So, Segway, okay. So and, the way that you achieve growth of any community is by winning tactical campaigns. Thinking that you can just plunk it in the water and let it be, it’s not suddenly gonna do some you know, you have to prod it and poke it and, I don’t know, give it things in order for it to grow. Growth for a Facebook community, it’s a concentrated few month period of activity to really accelerate the growth of a community. It includes an app design and tech build. It includes PR, influence, seeding, and outreach. They, you know, touted social advertising, corporate partnerships, and ongoing information. What I was gonna do then was just give you, all of our secrets and tell you each of the things that we do here. So, first of all the app design and build. You can spend anything from a couple of hundred pounds, on a, on a third party app. To bespoke Facebook that we might charge you 150,000 pounds for. That would never happen. But, the fact of the matter is, that, you’ve gotta think about what you wanna achieve from the app.
Is it traffic, is it data capture, what is it? That you will find third party apps so you will come up with a plan to create the bespoke apps that sit on your Facebook page, and deliver the mechanic of the campaign that you want. Would it be a, a quiz, will it be a game?
It really depends on what it is you want to capture from your campaign. These apps essentially by the way are, you know, online builds. Just web builds. Put into Facebook with an iframe or, or they can also be used online on websites as well. I think probably the most difficult part of what we do in all fairness is outreach and PR. It’s, it’s, it is difficult, it takes a lot of time, it takes a lot of skill. We need really good people to do that, and I am not one of them and my team are. And when you create a campaign, when you create
an app, when you create something beautiful and magical where it has an amazing user experience, and you click through and it delivers 50 likes and 20 shares and 10 e-mail addresses each, and 500 pounds of sales, it’s a bit pointless just sitting it on Facebook because nobody’s going to see it. You’ve got make a big noise about it. And so our online PR and outreach does this. We have a network of over two and a half thousand bloggers just that we have able to access regularly. We have bloggers and influencers that work full time for us as part of the team and then you know,
When they finish work sign off clock out. To those strips there, they complete their billable hours, they’re allowed to leave we. Put down the draw bridge and were never allowed to exit, and then they go home and involve and stuff, there we get. And, but, what this is about is getting people to advertise your profile, getting bloggers out there to talk about your campaigns and make employee that there are lots and lots and lots and lots of bloggers in Bristol and beyond. And the fantastic people do need things to talk about and will talk about if there interesting you can’t send an email shot to all 5,000 then expect them to back and go oh wow, I’m so honoured that you asked me. We need to develop individual relationships and negotiate and manage and persuade but the benefit is that it’s giving you another way of bringing people into your campaign for highly relevant, Advertising is an important one, but I think Mark Zuckerberg has far too much money anyway, so we do limit our Facebook advertising budgets to as little as possible and, you know, the, recent changes of Facebook, which I’ll come into at the very end, have channelled people into thinking that advertising, and Facebook advertising is now the new way for the Fifth of November to be where your community’s, it’s a bit drab for my liking. And, what I will say, is, I’m not really promoting Facebook advertising, am I? Let me reverse that, just for a minute. So, Facebook advertising, fantastic. It enables you to target an amazing audience. It goes, we use Facebook advertising as part of our campaigns. You can target
age, gender, interests, location or the companies that they liked, recently been in campaigns but a hotel chain who, an hotel chain, sorry for my grammar, an hotel chain and then the question that we target specifically follows the along the likes of other major hotel chains.
Banks et cetera. It is excellent but don’t just spend loads of money on Facebook advertising. We allocate between ten and 20% of our total budget to it, just so that you know. Corporate partnerships these are great. We in no way let, let me phrase this up. We with, with our group of partnerships, we really look at bringing businesses and bringing complimentary businesses together. We have a 100% track record on securing corporate partnerships with our clients. What’s a corporate partnership? It’s finding a complimentary brand that might give incentives to our client and what we ask for in exchange, is of course, for they, they do this prizes, but also awareness on their own social channels if you’re really looking, I’ll send an e-mail to their database. If we’re really looking. But in return, they get exposure on an accompanying section. Richard Bertwhistle he’s got a beautiful name, Richard Bertwhistle is one of my colleagues, he’s sat here would you just put your hand up, Rich? We you know, Rich sets up a significant number of our corporate partnerships and has wrangled an unbelievable number of grants to work with our clients and it’s a significant benefit because they’re collaborating, and often these relationships carry on long after the campaign has ended so that’s a nice tactic as well. We’re almost through how you would run a Facebook campaign but the final thing is I’m going to you and social channels. You will have audiences as they are and what you can them, amplify them, and promote messages to them on their connections in order to find likeminded individuals to also bear witness to your campaign. Are there any questions at this point? Cuz I’ve just realized I’m talking really fast.Yeah, it’s, I suppose it’s, you know, we would charge a client, you know, 100 pounds. They would give us up to10 to20 of that we’d spend on basic advertising potentially. Yeah, yeah I mean they wouldn’t give us 100. Maybe 150 well, yeah. John, you have a question?
My laptop bag is over there and I’ll be out there for a few minutes if people slip Business cards and notes in there I, that’s always good. You know how do you plan for all this, it’s laborious, it’s pain-staking, it’s why it’s such a Major anvil of IP, there’s unfortunately no easy way, I’d love it, and it would be great if there was an easy way. There isn’t, really. You’ve just got to take time and energy to do it. Yeah, I’d, I’d look at you know, working with online PR or social agencies to do it. Cuz that’s their asset and that’s their IP, and that’s what they can bring. You know, you don’t need them to go and write a news article you could probably do that yourself. But what you do need is access test to, yeah to that database that yeah, it’s not an easy one. John: That’s always a good few minutes and we’ve got the bell ringing well it’s not, it’s not. Oh wow, seemed like a great idea there. Amazing. Okay, so success. I’m just gonna talk a bit slower now.

okay, so there are a number of ways of showing success from Facebook campaigns. And I think that the reason why maybe why digital visitors done really well is because we show a lot of different success I suppose, markers two offline.
So we not just say, hey, we go, we’ve grown your audience by 10,000 relevant likes. We delivered a lot of other things around that. And some of the things that Facebook campaigns can deliver are as follows. First of all is traffic to a web site costs a lot.
Whether we look at PPC, whether we look organic, whether we look at email campaigns and building up those data bases, etc. Traffic costs a lot because traffic’s valuable and that’s how the two sites are relevant online traffic, so your website is valuable. And if you want to boost travel to your website, there’s great ways that Facebook campaigns can include any-
Friends and people that like you and your fans to go to the website to get information and find out more about your plan. So, traffic traffic’s not so great to share. Community growth is, of course, important. I know it’s very obvious, but you are increasing the number of people that see, obviously, your update in that theme. I don’t know if how common knowledge is about how many people see Facebook posts. But, you know, various different studies put the number of people that see a post that you would put on your company page or, or your personal page between 3 and 16 of your fans.
So, you know, you’ve got 100 fans again, let’s use small numbers. And only three to 16 of them would see that. You think that you’ve got an awesome e-mail database or whatever of 100 people, but actually it’s only three to 16, that’s the engagement, that’s the, that’s based on what’s called an affinity score. The reason I mention this, is because community growth is incredibly important to increase your community by people who are relevant to you. And by that I’m, I’m, people who actually care. They don’t just wanna win a free iPad. They actually care about your brand. They actually, you know, need to they wanna get the information that you have to offer. And if they do, they will comment, they will like, they will share, and that will mean that more people see the information. So, when I say community growth, I do mean that it’s important, that it’s relevant to community growth.

Yeah, so I guess that as Facebook has grown, people are connected to more people and they have more companies that they like, and they’ve logged into more apps on Facebook and they’re gonna receive more and more updates. It’s naturally, your best mate, might get diluted with the information that comes through from Facebook. So, Facebook makes a move on the 5th of November, which I will come up to, but I’ll say it a bit now anyway, is that, it’s, its premise is so that it increases the quality of the people that do like your Facebook page. Meaning that hopefully more of that content will come into your feed. Your friends’ content will appear it’s actually reducing the amount of spam, Facebook spam you get. Because actually like you said maybe it was 60. Now it’s between 3 and 16 who see your posts. There’s a reason for that.
There’s much more information out there. That people are liking things is, I don’t know, they can win a million iPods or something. So yes. Okay, and success through a Facebook company as I said is, is, and is measured on various things. Also, e-mail acquisition you know, I really do feel that capturing that email address, it’s a really, it’s a good secure way of marketing to people. You’ve got their email address. People don’t like changing their email address. Hopefully, you won’t get put in their junk folder, if you’re not sending them rubbish. And, you know, email acquisition is actually an incredibly important part. I guess what I’m saying is, the way that I feel that Facebook competing campaigns can be successful, is if they’re feeding to a low, additional marketing. The remainder that is additional marketing. Finally any Facebook campaign can generate sales. And this is, obviously, by ways to plan awareness. Now with sales it is obviously you know it’s the golden goose, no, it’s the goose that lays golden eggs, not golden goose. Anyway, it’s
One of those things, it’s the Holy Grail.
It enables. And again it shows you, like, this much in is worth this much out, but it is
Actually really difficult to do. As Marv says, we are always presented with this problem why is that not giving 50 pounds back, I’ve already given 20 p. And, you know, the fact is that it’s really difficult to do, and you’ve got to have intense tracking to do that, you know? You have got to tag traffic from your social channels back to your site. You’ve got to track that personal journey for about six months. And that’s actually the limit that Google Analytics allows you to track. Please don’t ask me any questions on Google Analytics, though, because we’re now at the limit of my Google Analytics knowledge. But there we go. Can be tracked, we’ve done it. We’ve delivered it for a number of brands. However, it’s really not easy, so try and avoid, try and usher people into the direction of the other shiny rights over here that aren’t necessarily showing sales for their marketing spent.
They’re showing them other things. So, those are for the success I feel that you can
Actually lead to Facebook campaigns. Now John, was it 30 minutes? I was, oh good, we’re back on track. That’s good to know. Okay, now seasonal Facebook campaigns is a bit of a tricky topic because I guess I could say, well, do you know what, I’m sure you could find a reason to run a Facebook campaign at times, in any season, in any moment of time, anyway? So, when you’re saying seasonal, do we really need to bring Summer, Autumn, and Winter, do you mean Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, do we mean birthdays, do you mean anniversaries, what do we mean? I don’t even know. And we can came up with the title for the presentation, but you’re all here. Okay, what I want to do though is take you through how we do plan, a campaign. This important to bear in mind a campaign, Facebook campaign. Whilst it might be live for a few weeks, if it takes longer than, it can quite. It takes, it’s about three months then. So first of all, you’ve got the planning that’s very ethereal in, in what I’m trying to say there. But I’m on about a lot of the kind of work that is involving, yeah. Climb, asset gathering, et cetera. We have a new design and then on content for the actual app to build, or the app itself, say to make a few weeks and that’s only the start of it. The thing that I really want to put attention to here is the average, John, this might even tie into your question about how difficult it is with online PR, and it’s not difficult. You can see that basically the entire time, they were running campaigns and doing online PR outreach, Because you’ve gotta communicate with the brokers in influence. You’ve gotta get them on board. You’ve gotta negotiate with them. You’ve gotta then make sure when they say that they’ll do something, they’ll do something. And, and, and you know are fantastic people to work with for my team, I’m sure. And but you know, there is a real management.
Many of these of, of, of, of, of such individuals. So it takes of, of a good amount of time. And finally obviously you know, some three and post well through and during campaign advertising. In the middle there where you’ve got build and launch them up to, we would typically look to launch the campaign kind of middle of month two and last about four weeks.
So in terms of seasonal Facebook campaigns while I agree with examples of seasonal Facebook campaigns that we’ve done and, what we did, some of the results so you can see how it can work and what I’ve been talking about for the last 23 minutes and 11 seconds. So, we work with successful campaign. This was delivered in five packages. It was an advent calendar that ultimately encouraged people to come back to the site, a different day, and open a different door to win a different prize. There are over 53,000 entries, 9,000 new page likes, high rate, a high, a low rate, sorry, of campaign. The Facebook advertising reach was about 2.2 million. The associated payoff and potential audience reach was about 2.7 million so this is. You know, a heck of a lot of work we ended up doing together, these kinds of figures. We acquired some really significant brand new audiences for visit Malta, and we saw significant new website visits, the month immediately after the campaign, which is telling these people we’re particularly interested in Malta, which is a really great place by the way. And we obviously captured a lot of emails. As you can see about 9,000. And we also got some really great partners involved in this as well. People like Crew Clothing. Is Trunkey in on that one? We’ll search it here, we’re not gonna say it until it’s here are you Rich? Okay. But we’ve got some really great brands involved in this and we’ve got captured some emails for them, as well. So this is obviously the most obvious on the newest seasonal campaign. In terms of its context, you know, Christmas season, a bank calendar, brilliant. But, actually, this was really neat. It was, I think that it was a world first in the way that this was delivered to the destination. Again, multilingual, across five different yeah, five different European countries and had some really great results for them. So, onto something.
Speaker 1: Well, I, I didn’t know.

‘Cuz there aren’t that many advent calendars knocking about on Facebook for Christmas.

So, I think that with an average, you know, Facebook user spending something crazy, I’m not one to. These are the people like a few hours or something some other time.
It gives you access to certain people or to those people for a long period of time.
Therefore, if you can get an advent calendar in front of them and a medium spending a lot of time on this can have more impact than if it’s sat on the ma, mantelpieces. They don’t even have a chocolate behind them. So I think that the context and the way that the advent calendar is quite useful, you’re right, of course, that it’s not massively clever.
It’s not, you know, shooting Rudolph or something like that, that’s a bad idea, that’s not
That’s an awful idea. So you see, I’m not, but, I think you know, maybe the simplicity,
Recognition, or the relevancy of the actual mechanic as well, if other people know what to do, maybe
That’s successful. Although, I’ve got a picture with all the numbers on it, what does this mean? But, actually, most people know to come back, on day two, to come back on day three, they experience it before, and maybe some of the most successful marketing campaigns we can do actually tying to people’s, I don’t know, just the innate activities that they do on a regular basis. And if we can transpose that into Facebook, then that’s how we end up result, maybe. That could just be rubbish, but maybe not.

So this campaign was 24 or 25 days, as opposed to 30 days. Is I, I mean what in it was yes we have a short bit of time. Plus the campaign was live it just meant that you know we didn’t let our staff go home until or get their bucket of coal until about ten or eleven o clock at night.
Once they delivered the results we needed for the client. We had to work a bit harder to get the results at that time. Well I think that yeah. It, it, it doesn’t make a difference to me. You could run an awesome two week campaign on Facebook with the right amount of effort before, and, and get it right. The length of the campaign is one week, not optimum, but, give or take five days, it doesn’t make much difference. And, and another campaign that we random mic again but wholesome individuals here as well is that it was a, a simple light transit campaign. But it was to win a beach ball and the reason that this was great obviously is because it was for affordable car handle and off line. And obviously I had a fantastic level of offline advertising as well.

And people throwing around, 7,000 people throwing around beach balls in, you know,
France you know, which was fantastic. And it was actually Lycos, you’ve got advertising for an app, you’ve got the information.

There was a huge increase in engagement on the Facebook page, as you can see. So clearly people liked it because we know they did. But this ended up giving them you know, a huge increase in the, in the, the number of likes that they had. And so, it might not seem like the most I suppose out there otherworldly creative, but the result that it delivered was perfect and.
No, they didn’t, they give 7,400 away. Oh yeah, 500 I think that might have been more
Just out the box. That’s what we were doing there. So another seasonal campaign.
What’s a season and I thought well I’ll show you an example of an anniversary campaign. It’s the 20th, 20th anniversary of the channel tunnel. I remember seeing them digging through there shaking hands with the guy. Anyways 20 years ago this year and to celebrate this intercontinental we’re and running a campaign that we that we working on.
We used Instagram for this and I know we’re talking about Facebook campaigns but I, I wanted to mention it cuz it has a Facebook element. So people had to upload a selfie of themselves looking either French or British to celebrate the you know, connection between two countries. And there were over you know, a quarter of a million social interactions common shares. It was massively interactive. There was a huge reach, those are the big issues of social advertising because as I mentioned the main element of that social advertising with Facebook advertising and that’s where we got. A significant amount of people that we channelled into the Instagram mechanic of this campaign. And actually Facebook and Instagram are similar in if you’re on Instagram you will be on Facebook.
If you’re on Facebook you’re not necessarily on Instagram, but if you’re on Instagram you’re on Facebook. You are, it’s a, I won’t say it’s a secondary social channel but I will cuz I just
Did but. It’s, yeah. It’s not primary for many people. Now the potential, well over the weeks
Was significant. There were, you know, 30,000 views. It’ll be up on the website and on
Facebook itself, and there were 2,500 entries which actually dressed-up, looking something crazy, you know? And, I’m not in to that, which is really good level when it requires such a level of investment. It’s not just clicking a box you go and okay, light. It’s, it’s you know, feel my moustache and be a massive stereotype. But that is what people did by the way, and it was great.
You get some great results. Let me just tell you about a [UNKNOWN] mine here in Bristol. This is just an example showing you something that translates more literally. And the corporate partners, so there were a lot of people that saw the content 262,000 you need physics campaign just for 5,000. A lot of people share in the campaign and what we did as well we secured you know as part of this 5,000 of prize money from, from the corporate sponsors as well but again you know highly successful campaign for promote Bristol. So, that was really good. We worked with a number of different around the country as well. Another example of an Easter Facebook campaign is again, it looks a bit simpler. But this is teaming up again as an example for partnerships. And they are of course, a you know, an insurance provider. It can, often be difficult to really be, you know, incredibly sexy about insurance. We looked at connecting brand on travel and this was into sports, and there was a significant benefit from obviously the emails, and there was tracking them for the emails. And of course.

Yeah again that’s really, really difficult I mean it’s gonna be difficult to say to somebody when it to appear oh by the way you did win a trip so book of life. That’s a really difficult sell for anyone. So, as that’s the journey we’re trying to take them on, I think there’s gonna be a lot of resistance. What we need to do when we’re looking at tracking sales from social channels, is take a little bit longer in a way that a lot of other channels would require a little bit of time. You grow your audience. You work out if they first reach your site through the social channels, and then you track them for the next number of months on the yeah, using outlet takes. Coming back to see how much revenue they generate. There’s another way of doing it, which I didn’t include this example here actually. We run a, a company for a luxury hotel brand in the UK. I’m gonna double my luck, 4,000 in a short period of time. But those people so relevant and we then promoted a flash sale, a really good sale to them just a new audience for the group. And there was a 35,000 pounds worth of sales over the weekend. So it was you know, that was an example of direct sales from that Facebook audience. But you know, this is not full price. I’m not gonna say, it was a flash sale, it was a good offer.
But it does show direct correlation between sales and, and Facebook and the workweek directly. But I think that if you then track for the next six months of, of transactions, you’d see more people spending money at, at those places as well. Sales are then easy to track if people asked you to do that. I think that if, if marketing directors asked for you to show direct sales then it’s just not really gonna be that viable. And the reason I say that is because Facebook as a channel doesn’t lend itself very well to that. It’s not as straightforward as PBC, click here to buy, buy. Okay, great, I bought something. SEO again you can track a lot easier but, social media, whilst it’s, it’s got a heck of a lot of reach and a heck of a lot of ability, it’s really difficult to show those sales, which I’ve now said loads of times, so I’ll stop.
One of these things that I just, I’m finished now. These last two slides. The one thing I wanted to mention for, for you, was that Facebook are making some new changes. So, this is what Facebook first looked like, and if you saw Facebook today as it was back, you know, when it, when it was born you’d be like, what the heck’s this? This is rubbish kinda thing. Similarly, if you showed Facebook today to somebody back then, they’d go, what am I supposed to do with this? This makes no sense. It’s far too complicated. Get out. That’s
The reason why, you know, technologies that do this do develop, because they develop with the users, they get familiarity with it, cuz they know where to click, where to look, what to look for within that profile. Anyway, last month Facebook announced some changes saying that like gates were going to be banned. What that means is, every campaign, and a number of the campaigns that we’ve run here as well, it will say like to enter or like our page for whatever, for a foot massage. They are now not allowed. So you’re not allowed to incentivize liking a page in that way. That’s obviously very big news. And the thing is, it’s a way, that as I’ve said on the bottom point here. It encourages. Yeah, you know, it encourages a lot of likes. And a lot of brands and businesses have obviously relied on this like gating in order to get value from Facebook, in order to grow their communities.
And there’s a very simple reason as to why. And its Facebook advertising, it’s now gonna be much more beneficial to you to put money into basic advertising to get those likes. That’s, you know, that’s the move. We, the reason I was talking so much about PR as well, and I might be honest, because I don’t think that buying a like in that way is the most great way of doing that so may not seem as beneficial as they want it to be. It will, of course, increase the people that the relevancy of people that like the page. If you’re in a campaign, you might have hoped for three or four thousand likes. You might only get 3 or 400 because you’re are asking them to like the, the campaign after they’ve, they’ve entered or done whatever it is.
You’re not allowed to say, you have to like us, before. You can still ask them to like but it needs to be later. But anyway, the, the point is it will reduce, on Facebook. It will reduce the number of friends that you see with millions and hundreds and thousands, and massively growing communities. And I think that that’s gonna hit hard, its put gonna quite a bit of pressure on social agencies to say, well why can’t you do that, you did that last month? Or something, yeah, Facebook changed. But I think that the reason I wanted to mention was that, well, kind of just have settled this how anyway. But, it will, I, I do think the e-growth will drastically slow down. This was Facebook’s initial official announcement. So, it’s helping people reach the people that actually want to be connected to them and hear from that business, not because of artificial incentives. They might have well just have said
That we search his iPods since he made like an iPad. But you know, there are many of the reasons that I’ve, I’ve suggested to you for learning campaigns to brutish community, great, then many of the benefits Facebook campaigns businesses B2C predominately, but also some ways to B2B working on that. Personally, I’d but there we go, I think that you know, that was a, how to give you a bit of info to the future and what’s gonna happen.
There’s change coming.

And there we go. I hope that that’s been useful for you all.

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