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The Latest Developments in Social Media

James Ainsworth, Social Media Manager, SDL (formerly Alterian)

The Clifton Club, Bristol 

Tuesday 15th May 2012.

As of the Social Media Manager for one of the world’s largest providers of social media monitoring and analytics James has some unique insights to share. He shares examples of how leading brands are using social media for market research, product development and brand reputation management. His talk focuses particularly on how large and small companies can use social media (as he does every day in his job) for tactical prospecting and provides case histories. This talk isn’t aimed only at large corporations and their Agencies however.  James will also cover some of the practical aspects: how much do these activities cost, how easy they are to do, what some of the tools are you should be aware of.

About the speaker

James has become a social media expert and was recently shortlisted as social media manager of the year.  SDL recently acquired Alterian and boast a leading social monitoring tool (SM2) in their product set as well as bespoke social media analytics.  SDL have 2,700 staff working in 38 countries.


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