9083640031_4f76b14e80_o The Thirteen Touchpoint Leaks Bryony Thomas- Author of Watertight Marketing 11th November, Bristol In this practical 45-minute session, Bryony Thomas – award-winning author of Watertight Marketing – will map the ways that most businesses waste money on marketing against a typical buying decision. Using a powerful questioning technique, she will ask thirteen questions that will enable you to identify the profit leaks in your marketing set-up and prioritise the order in which you should address them for fastest payback. You will leave this session with a clear and structured way to: – Traffic light the key elements of an end-to-end marketing set-up – Develop a priority action plan for building or renewing a marketing operation. Since her book was named as the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s book of the month last year, Bryony has been toruing CIM regions, and was described by Philip Preston, regional chair for Greater London: “I have been organising events for the CIM for around six years and I can honestly say that Bryony is one of the best presenters I have had the pleasure of working with. As well as being a very engaging speaker, personally I find her approach to small business marketing has amazing clarity and borders on the genius.” As a Bristol-based marketer, we couldn’t let the rest of the country see a talk that the local community hasn’t yet seen. About The Speaker Bryony thomas Bryony Thomas is a captivating marketing speaker, and best-selling author of Watertight Marketing (Panoma Press, £14.99). Billed by Start Your Business Magazine as “a must for small businesses.” and Winner of a National Indie Excellence Book Award in 2014. It was described by one MD as “the entrepreneur’s essential marketing manual”. By another, as the “best business book I’ve ever read.” This 5-star business book, brings together Bryony’s extensive experience and many hats. First as a marketing agency bod, working on clients like Microsoft and Dell. As client-side director of marketing for ClarityBlue; a 200-person business that sold for £85m. And then, as director of marketing in the integrated marketing division of FTSE 100 company, Experian. In 2008, Bryony started the journey towards what is today the Watertight Marketing methodology, working with ambitious growing businesses delivering 12-month marketing transformation programmes. Through her book, her speaking, her events and her hands-on support, Bryony Thomas now gives small business owners the clarity and the structure to step off the roller coaster. To get their marketing to put their business on a sustainable upward curve. Bryony Thomas is The Watertight Marketer.