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What We Expect From You

Code of Conduct

We encourage the gentle art of powerful networking.  Rather than talking at people we promote:

  • Powerful listening; so much more engaging than powerful talking
  • Being honest and objective at all times
  • Help people to make appropriate connections
  • Share your passion by all means but if their eyes glaze over, move on

Rob Hook, former host of our Bath events proposed the LIFT  mnemonic:

  • Light hearted
  • Informative
  • Fascinating
  • Truthful

The Marketing network is committed to providing informative events which are free of any harassment for everyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, body size, race or religion.

We’re proud that our network is inclusive, and we welcome all flavours of marketers. in the spirit of everyone having a good time at our events, please refrain from recording or photographing without permission.

Our speakers love good questions but if you have multiple or detailed points you want to pursue please raise them with the speaker in the bar after the Q&A to leave others time to pose their questions.

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