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How Heathrow transformed its customer experience

How Heathrow transformed its customer experience

Speaker: Charles Brindley, Customer Journey Consultancy

Find out how Heathrow transformed the experience of its passengers to make it the highest rated airport in Europe.

Our speaker, Charles Brindley, CX Consultant at Customer Journey Consultancy will share how techniques like customer journey mapping and value mapping can be adapted from the world of virtual service delivery to physical experiences like travel and retail. He will also share how he overcame the significant challenges of making change happen in a multi-stakeholder and highly-regulated environment that air travel has become since 9/11.

About the speaker

Charles is a customer experience specialist with a particular passion for delivering great customer experiences in the built environment. He focuses on how buildings are designed and services within them are operated from the point of view of customers and the people who work there.

Using techniques like Customer Journey mapping he helps companies improve how they use space, make real world navigation more intuitive and align multiple process to ensure the delivery of a successful customer experience.

Charles uses techniques such as process requirements, people flow and building design to create efficiencies, brand impact and improved space utilisation. This often involves integrating stakeholders’ requirements, particularly retail, into a great experience; turning designs into practical, resilient systems that actually work.

Charles has worked with brands that include Optegra Hospitals, BUPA, Heathrow, SKY, Canada Life and Bath Abbey. He recently led major customer experience projects at Heathrow for the Olympics and Terminal 2

When and where

Our venue for the evening is the Bath and County Club. As always, the evening starts at the bar with networking from 5:00pm. The talk starts at 6.30 and finishes by 7.30pm, allowing for even more networking time.

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