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Catch up 2015

Kevin Mason, Proctor + Stevenson – Don’t Be a Dedicated Follower of Marketing FashionTuesday December 8th 2015, 5:30 – 7:30pm. Bristol.

We see it all the time, a new trend emerges and companies jump onto the bandwagon – it can be hard to resist. But what are the pitfalls of following the latest marketing trends? Kevin Mason, Strategy Director at Proctor + Stevenson, will discuss this and argue that, these days, we need to be using a wider range of the old and the new techniques to be creating truly integrated campaigns.

If you’re interested in the response behaviour of B2B buyers and you’re looking for measurable ways to improve and innovate your lead generation activity, then this talk is perfect for you.

Ian Cray, KETL Limited – Why marketers should be concerned with data quality

Thursday November 26th 2015, 5:30 – 7:30. The Bath & County Club, Bath

In today’s competitive business environment marketers must have access to the right data at the right time in order to be effective and successful. No-one knows this better than our speaker, Ian Cray, who has over 25 years experience extracting, moving and visualising data for a wide variety of companies from small charities to large multinationals.

During the evening we’ll learn how Data Quality can enhance the core functions of marketing, discuss how you can track customer engagement and get a better understanding of what is easily achievable in Data Quality.

Nick Farrar, Workbrands – The Great Awareness Heist: How to Arrest Your Audience With Visual Content

Tuesday November 10th 2015, 5:30 – 7:30pm. Bristol.

Nine out of ten marketers have been producing much more content this year than previous years. When you add to this the fact that 27 million pieces of content are shared every day, it begs the question – how can we break through the noise?

After a brilliant talk in Bath earlier this year, Nick Farrar will be in Bristol to discuss the power of visual content in all its formats and how to effectively incorporate it into your campaigns to get your content noticed and remembered.

Rachel Hudson, Cambridge Marketing College What skills does the modern marketer need?

Thursday October 29th 2015, 5:30 – 7:30pm. Bath.

The dramatic changes marketing has had to adapt to are clear for all to see; new technology, the digital revolution, fundamental shifts in the global economy. In this context what skills does the modern marketer need to survive and to thrive?

In a change to our advertised schedule we are delighted to announce that our speaker at this months’ Marketing Network Bath event is Rachel Hudson, a tutor at Cambridge Marketing College and consultant to a wide range of blue-chip Clients including the largest non-fiction publishers in the world and anti-Human Trafficking charity, Unseen.

Rachel is perfectly placed to talk about the impact of change for marketers having seen first hand Greg Dyke controversially shake up the Marketing being geared for sale and the creation of M&S’s first eCommerce strategy.

James Caig, True Digital – Humanising the Brand in a Digital World

Tuesday October 13th 2015. Bristol.

Our world is increasingly automated. Technology enables a customer experience that cuts across more touch points than ever. But as brands’ use of digital grows, so too does the premium attached to the human qualities that create genuine connections with customers. James explores this world to understand people’s relationship with digital and what that means for brands today.

Prof Tim Hughes & Dr. Mario Vafeas Bristol Business School, UWE

Clients and agencies: getting the most out of the relationship

Thursday September 24th 2015. Bath

Recent research by Bristol Business School at the University of the West of England, suggests that many client-agency relationships are fraught with problems that damage creative output and efficiency. The inevitable result is dissatisfaction and, ultimately, relationship termination. Professor Tim Hughes and Dr. Mario Vafeas have been researching the current state of the typical client-agency. Their findings suggest that too often clients and agencies fail to capture all the value that they could. They presented steps that can be taken by both parties to work more effectively together and offered free workshops for Agencies and Clients who want to focus on this issue.

Steve Fuller, The House – Transforming Your Business on Purpose

Tuesday September 8th 2015. Bristol.

Why are you in business, other than to make money? There is a real commercial advantage in identifying your “purpose beyond profit” and using it to build your strategy, culture and brand. Purposeful businesses attract customers, talent and investment by giving people a reason to trust them. Award-winning agency The House believe the future belongs to businesses with a purpose, and Creative Director Steve Fuller will demonstrate why.

Matt Connolly, Tällt Ventures – The Changing Face of the Client/Agency Relationship

Thursday July 30th 2015. Bath.

Agency services are being commoditised and it’s becoming ever harder to build strategic relationships with clients. The big question is – how can agencies adapt? And what happens if they don’t? As a client or in-house marketer, how can you ensure you get the right kind of value from your agencies?

When it comes to disruption, Matt Connolly knows exactly what he’s talking about, and this presentation promises to be insightful for a broad range of marketers, both agency and client-side.

Natasha Baldwin, Martin Warnes, Angela Belassie & More – Ask The Marketing Experts – Q&A Panel

Tuesday July 14th 2015. Bristol.

In July 2015 we decided to break with tradition and shake things up a bit. In addition to the usual bout of networking with Bristol’s best & brightest, we also hosted a 45 minute Q&A panel with some of the South West’s finest Marketing maestros in place of the usual talk!

During the session members had the chance to pick the brains of these clever individuals about all the burning questions they had about the marketing world at large or queries specific to your own business.

Nick Farrar, Workbrands – The Great Awareness Heist – How to Arrest your Audience with Visual Content

Thursday June 25th 2015. Bath.

Nine out of ten marketers will be producing much more content this year than previous years. When you add to this the fact that 27 million pieces of content are shared every day, it begs the question – how can we break through the noise?

Nick Farrar will discuss the power of visual content in all of its formats and how to effectively incorporate it into your campaigns to get your content noticed and remembered.

Chris Thurling, Bristol Media – SXSW Interactive – The World’s Biggest Digital Festival

Tuesday June 9th 2015. Bristol.

The South by Southwest (SXSW) Conferences offers the unique convergence of original music, independent films, and emerging technologies. Year after year, the event is a launching pad for new creative content. New media presentations, music showcases and film screenings provide buzz-generating exposure for creators and compelling entertainment for audiences.

Chris Thurling, a Director at Bristol Media, will give his take on this year’s SXSW. You will get a flavour of what it’s like to attend, Chris’ perspective on the main themes and he will share some of his highlights of the five days he spent in Austin.

Al Barker, Sift Digital – How to Create Powerful Digital Brands Using Multi-Channel Research

Thursday May 28th 2015. Bath.

How can organisations deliver the right content and experience for users? Whether you’re a client- or agency side marketer, this talk will lend an extra ‘oomph’ to your campaigns. Learn and discuss the principles and techniques to conduct meaningful user research, focusing on both brand and task, and how to translate valuable insight, evidence and analysis into actionable results and outputs.

Ben Heald, CEO Sift Why Some Ideas Fly And Others Die

Tuesday May 12th 2015. Bristol

This May Ben will be sharing some of Sift’s diabolical disasters, as well as tales of glittering growth! Ben’s always taken the view that you learn more from failures than successes. Failed acquisitions? Failed partnerships? Losing $1 million? Ben’s been there and got the T-shirt.

If you haven’t seen Ben speak before we guarantee you’ll be thoroughly entertained by his irksome business follies, plus you’ll learn some valuable do’s and dont’s for your own business along the way.

Ryan Webb, Search Star – Acquire, Convert, Retain – A Guide to CRO For Everyone

Thursday April 23rd 2015. Bath.

The marketing industry has spent the last 15 years working out how to get well-targeted traffic to websites. Over the last few years it has woken up to the necessity of maximising the value of that traffic with Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), which will make a tangible difference that shows on the bottom line. Expect actionable tips that will help you instantly improve your website, interpret the results and better understand fast-changing user behaviour.

Nick Clarkson, The Agency –Digital Ideation – The Key To Crafting Stellar Digital Concepts

Tuesday April 14th 2015. Bristol.

We’re delighted to announce that the venerable Nick Clarkson will be speaking at the next Bristol BBMN event. If you missed his talk in Bath, make sure you come long to this one!

In a similar vein to his last talk in Bath, Nick will be talking to us about “Digital Ideation”. In order to give your digital concepts the best chance of success, you need to explore all of the existing and emerging frameworks and processes to make your campaign or concept truly stellar. If you want to tuck into some tasty solution design tips, sprinkled with a dash of digital do’s and don’ts then Nick’s talk is just for you!

John Lynch, e3 – Overcoming Sea Blindness – How to Deliver a Successful Digital Strategy

Thursday March 26th 2015. Bath.

The Royal Navy’s lead digital agency is holding a masterclass in digital storytelling, and you’re invited.

When e3 initially won the contract three years ago, the brief was to develop the new face of the Royal Navy. As digital is a vital pillar of their communications strategy, the website is a natural focal point, but how do you deliver a successful strategy to an organisation with such varied stakeholders? It’s all about relevant content.

Frank Hutton – Mind The Gap – How Bridging The Divide Between Gen X, Y & Z Can Bolster Your Career

Tuesday March 10th 2015. Bristol.

The employment world has changed dramatically in the last 6 months. It means there will be changes that we all face in the next 12/24 months which may affect our careers and our futures. Understanding what these are and how we can face up to them could mean we flourish where others fail.

And the secret? It’s all about going back to your childhood…

Tiffany Maddox – Me, My Selfie and I – How Online Identity Makes Things Go Viral

Thursday February 26th 2015. Bath.

After a fantastic talk in Bristol last year, Tiffany Maddox of Rubber Republic is back. She will be talking about the creation and curation of our online identity and personal brands, and how everything you share online tells the world something about you. What should marketers and brands do with this information? We’ve also been promised an insight into the 5 things brands should be working against when creating social video.

Jon Payne – Think Global – Act Local: Top Tips For Glocal On-line Marketing

Tuesday February 10th 2015. Bristol.

Are your on-line marketing efforts being ignored? Do you struggle to get your voice noticed amidst the hustle and bustle of the ever changing interwebz? Then you need help.

Luckily digital marketing maestro Jon Payne is offering up a whole heap of actionable tips and tricks to boost your on-line presence. Book your free ticket today and get some valuable insights into the mysterious world of Search & Social.

Nick Clarkson- De-risking Digital

Thursday January 29th 2015. Bath.

Nick Clarkson, Technical Director at The Agency, on ideation and solution design in digital. He discussed different emerging frameworks and processes that can be applied to give you and your company’s digital concepts the best chance of success. Along with digital Do’s and Don’ts and techniques for getting the best from your digital supplier.

Sonja Jefferson- Mission Critical – Why Businesses With Purpose Create The Best Content (And How To Find Yours In 2015)

Tuesday January 13th 2015. Bristol.

Want to get success from your content? Then according to Valuable Content Founder Sonja Jefferson, you need to start with the ‘why’ not the ‘what’. Building trust is the no.1 job for marketers, in an ever changing web-based world trust is everything. Join us on the 13th as Sonja ponders and proclaims the principles behind trust and unveils the true power of storytelling and purpose. You’ll get heaps of actionable tips and tricks for your own marketing and learn how to find your ‘why’

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