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The Value of Purpose to Business and Brand

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Graham Massey & Steve Fuller, The House
The Bath & County Club, Queen’s Parade, Bath
Thursday November 27th 2014, 5.30pm – 8pm
The value of purpose to business and brands

A growing number of businesses from Good Energy to Eco-tricity and Innocent to Yeo Valley have built their business around a clear purpose.

Graham and Steve will share their story of how The House was built on purpose with stories of their clients and what has inspired them from brands and business around the world.

The House work with CEO’s and business leaders wanting to create a flourishing brand, a greater company and a lasting legacy. Leaders with a desire to unify their people behind a bold vision, a common purpose and an ethos to positively impact the lives of the people they serve; customers, stakeholders and communities – and earn profits in a way that is consistent with the purpose.

The House

About the speakers:

Graham Massey
I get out of bed everyday to build businesses that serve others – businesses that people believe in, love to work for, buy from, and ultimately leave a lasting legacy.

Steve Fuller
I wholeheartedly believe that #Purpose is the new status – organisations and people are increasingly achieving acclaim by doing work that isn’t about them. My role is to inspire clients to imagine a purpose that is good for shareholders and society, not simply one or the other.

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