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Catch up 2014

Gavin ThompsonOld Fashioned PR – Get Your Business In The News.

Tuesday December 9th 2014. Bristol.

The Bristol Post’s very own Gavin Thompson will be giving you heaps of editorial tips and tricks to teach you how to get your business to stand out from the crowd and pitch your content to a proper & respectable publication– using nothing but good ol’ fashioned PR.

Graham Massey & Steve FullerThe Value of Purpose to Business and Brand

Thursday November 27th 2014. Bath.

A growing number of businesses from Good Energy to Eco-tricity and Innocent to Yeo Valley have built their business around a clear purpose. Graham and Steve will share their story of how The House was built on purpose with stories of their clients and what has inspired them from brands and business around the world.

Dan FallonHow to get the most from Universal Analytics

Tuesday November 11th 2014. Bristol.

Dan Fallon, of Bristol based PPC agency Search Star has been tackling with likes of Google Adwords and Analytics since 2005. Who better to teach us on acing Analytics? In his talk Dan will teach us the ins and outs of Universal Analytics and most importantly how you can use it to better understand your business.

Martin Warnes – LOVE BRANDS – What are they?

Thursday October 30th 2014. Bath.

Martin Warnes has been an independent brand specialist for more than 35 years during which time he has created verbal and visual brand identities for more than 300 entities. Martin will explain how any entity (organisation, product or service) can apply the 3 Es of Branding process to improve – what it’s brand means and therefore it’s future.

Tiffany Maddox- Sharing is Good- Making Social Content Spread.

Tuesday 14th October 2014. Bristol.

Tiffany Maddox works at Rubber Republic, an internationally renowned online content studio that are behind some the the biggest viral videos of the past years (remember ‘Bodyform Responds? That’s them!). Here Tiffany discusses the secrets behind making social videos that go viral.

Ben Heald- Why do some digital ideas fly while others die?

Thursday 25th September 2014. Bath.

Ben Heald, CEO of Sift, will talk about why some digital ideas turn into great success stories while their contenders fail to stay the distance. He will also discuss about some of the lessons he’s learned about growing a successful business in the digital media industry.

Anthony Rawlins- Seasonal Facebook Campaigns: Strategies for Success

Tuesday 9th September 2014.Bristol.

Data, engagement, traffic… What do you want for Christmas? Anthony Rawlins is CEO and founder of Digital Visitor. He will discuss Facebook campaigns and creating a three month strategy in the run up to Christmas.

Love Your Customer! Say it. Show it. Prove it

Tuesday 8th July 2014. Bristol.

Simon Barbato is the Founder of Mr B & Friends a Bath-based creative and digital agency and CEO of CXCo. Here he discusses brand strategy and customer experience.

Andy Fuller – The power of Icons.

Thursday June 26, 2014, Bath.

Andy Fuller runs Designbull, a graphic design agency working for small and large organisations. They specialise in brand identities, icon design, UI design and advertising. He talked about what icons are and where they come from. He explored an area of specialism, the use of icons in interfaces, apps and mobile platforms.

Customer Journey. Driving business growth for large and small companies.

Tuesday 13th May 2014. Bristol.

Martin Wright is founder of Customer Journey Consultancy. He explores how large and small companies can gain a better understanding of the multi-channel Customer Journey and how it can improve sales and customer lifetime value.

How Big Brand Use Social Media.

Tuesday 8th April 2014. Bristol.

Jon Payne is the founder of Noisy Little Monkey, a search optimisation and social media marketing agency in Bristol. Here he discusses how big brands use ever-changing social media both successfully and unsuccessfully to promote themselves.

James Ainsworth, SDL

The latest developments in Social Media.

Tuesday 15th May 2012. Bristol.

James Ainsworth is Social Media Manager for SDL (formerly Alterian). Woking for one of the world’s largest providers of social media monitoring and analytics James has some unique insights to share. He explores examples of how leading brands are using social media for market research, product development and brand reputation management.

David Sloly 5 steps to great ideas.

Thursday 23rd February, 2012. Bath.

David Sloly was a BBC journalist who went on to create content that captured audiences’ imaginations, producing award-winning content for Radio and TV and later as creative director for Mason Zimbler, he has developed advertising for Smirnoff, Google and Sony. Here he discusses how to create great ideas.

Building Your Online Honeypot-

Thursday 28th November 2013. Bath.

Natasha Baldwin, creative lead at Noisy Little Monkey, and Jon Payne the founder of the agency discuss how social media can be used effectively. The speakers talk about how they make it work in the B2B environment and how it improves profits and delivers more visits from Google.

Social Media- How to Tame the Beast.

Tuesday 11th June, 2013. Bristol.

Jon Payne and Natasha Baldwin from Noisy Little Monkey discuss how your business can use social media effectively without wasting precious time. They also provide tips on how to get more visits from Google.

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