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CX: Practical lessons from the front line

Martin Wright, Founder, Customer Journey Consultancy

Tuesday 7th February 2017 – 5.30pm – 7.30pm, Bristol

Join us at the Bristol Marketing Network event on Tuesday 10th February to hear CX expert, Martin Wright, talk about practical strategies that have improved customer experience for small, large and global clients that include: SKY, HomeServe, Canada Life and Plumb Center.

Martin, founder of Customer Journey Consultancy, shares some of the CX lessons he has learnt that agencies and clients of all sizes can use for their own benefit.

These include:

  • The 4 most powerful (and simple!) ways to make an organisation change
  • Small things brands can do to make a BIG difference to customer perceptions
  • How better Customer Experiences improve renewal rates
  • Why high satisfaction with individual interactions often fails to translate into high satisfaction with an end to end journey

About the Speaker

Before setting up CJC, Martin was Marketing Director for a subsidiary of Aviva, a leading travel company and an online retailer.  He started his career in Direct Marketing working for many of the top London Agencies

Martin established CJC in 2012 to help Clients improve multi-channel customer experiences.  Since then he and his team have developed CX for a wide variety of clients including: not-for-profits (Alliance Housing), family run enterprises (Stannah) and large corporations (AXA, HomeServe, Sky).

When and Where

Our venue for the evening is The Clifton Club, Bristol. As always, the evening starts at the bar with networking from 5.30pm. The talk starts at 6.30 and finishes by 7.30pm, allowing for even more networking time.

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