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Catch up 2017

Content that counts: engaging a team to create in a changing industry

Ben Luger, Marcomms Specialist, Ecosurety

The Bath & County Club, Bath, BA1 2NJ

Thursday 30th March , 2017 5.30-7.30pm

At this Bath Marketing Network event members heard how Bristol-based marcomms specialist Ben Luger, engages a wider team of experts within an organisation, beyond the marketing team, to help to create more successful content.

Working in the complex and constantly evolving environmental compliance industry, Ben looked at how even a small marketing team can overcome the challenge of ensuring they never miss an opportunity to develop essential content by utilising key external resources…

Click read more to see his presentation

Open your eyes to tech disruption. Or lose your clients

Matt Connolly, Founder and CEO of Tällt Ventures

The Clifton Club, 22 The Mall, Bristol BS8 4DS

Tuesday 14th March, 2017, 5.30-7.30pm

Agency services are being commoditised. Clients aren’t buying strategy. Production is easily offshored or even brought in-house. Staff are more expensive than ever. Add that to the tech revolution taking place and it makes for an interesting (and fragile) time to work in and run agencies.

So what is the answer? How can you adapt? How can you help your clients better anticipate change and remain relevant? What happens if you don’t?

Harnessing Strategy – tools that drive growth, improve performance and increase business value

Lisa Killbourn, Consultant, Independent Eye Ltd

The Bath & County Club, Queen’s Parade, Bath

Thursday 23rd February, 2017. 5:30-7.30pm

Lisa gave a great talk at the Bath Marketing Network where Bath-based strategist Lisa Killbourn asked what strategic tools you’re using to deliver measurable growth.

She demonstrated how Behavioural Economics now provides predictable and accountable options for delivering strategy.  She also addressed the concept of ‘challenger thinking and how it can be utilised to generate an energising effect right across organisations.  Click the ‘read more’ button to see her presentation.

Managing Change – Sustaining business and marketing effectiveness

Ben Heald, Chairman, Sift Media

The Clifton Club, 22 The Mall, Bristol BS8 4DS

Tuesday 10th January, 2016, 5.30-7.30pm

Bristol entrepreneur, Ben Heald, talks about the challenge of sustaining business and marketing effectiveness through changes in technology, social media, and the growing dominance of media giants. Also, how to maintain stability and negotiate a path through shifting funding climates and times of economic ups and downturns.

Finding and Nurturing Digital Talent – Marketing Network KEYNOTE TALK

Matt Hardy, Joint MD, The Real Adventure Unlimited

The Bath & County Club, Queen’s Parade, Bath

Thursday 26th January, 2016. 5:30 – 7:30

Our members (Clients and Agencies) tell us that one of the biggest challenges they face today is finding, developing and holding on to digital talent. The cost, lost opportunities, effort and disruption caused by an unfilled vacancy or rapid turnover in digital staff can be catastrophic. We were delighted ….

CX: Practical lessons from the front line

Martin Wright, Customer Journey Consultancy

The Clifton Club, 22 The Mall, Bristol BS8 4DS

Tuesday 7th February, 2017. 5.30-7.30pm

Come along to our Bristol event to hear CX expert, Martin Wright, talk about practical strategies that have improved customer experience for small, large and global clients that include: SKY, HomeServe, Canada Life and Plumb Center.

Martin, founder of Customer Journey Consultancy, shares some of the CX lessons he has learnt that agencies and clients of all sizes can use for their own benefit.

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