We are always looking for good speakers for our events.  If you are interested here is some guidance.


  • Circa 30 minutes of content plus Q&A
  • Start 6:30
  • ~ 10 minutes introductions and warm up
  • Talk starts ~ 6:45
  • Delegates to leave at 7:30



  • Bath, The Bath & County Club, Queen’s Parade, Bath BA1 2NJ, last Thursday of the month
  • Bristol, The Clifton Club, 22 The Mall, Bristol BS8 4DS, second Tuesday of the month
  • Pending; Cardiff, location TBC, penultimate Wednesday of the month


About our members:

We have 7,500 members on our LinkedIn group https://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=57398

2,000 register every year for events in Bristol and Bath. Members tend to be senior (source LinkedIn May 2015) although we do have some marketing graduates looking for their first job attending event:

Seniority of Marketing Network members

Members are spread evenly across company type.

  • Client/In house/Charity 28%
  • Agency 23%
  • Consultant/Freelance 20%
  • Supplier 7%
  • Academic/Student 3%
  • Other/Unknown 20%


Guide to tone:

Must be of interest to a broad church of senior marketers.  Think how will an Agency or Client benefit from this content?  Members work for both very small and very large brands, how can an SME or Corporate apply what you are sharing?

Must not be selling or a pitch.  These talks are all thought leadership

Should be backed up by fact or case history where possible.  Be specific. Interactive – getting people to discuss in pairs and share really works as does asking the audience for their experience around specific examples.

Broad theme for our talks is ‘World class marketing made in South West & Wales’.  If possible speakers should reference this in their talk.

Guide to topics:

Speakers have covered a huge range of topics over the past 8 years.  Here is a list of just some of the titles:

  • The Great Awareness Heist – How to Arrest Your Audience with Visual Content
  • How to Create Powerful Digital Brands by Using Multi-Channel Research
  • Acquire, Convert, Retain – A Guide to CRO, For Everyone
  • Overcoming Sea Blindness – How to Deliver a Successful Digital Strategy
  • Me, My Selfie and I
  • De-risking Digital
  • The Value of Purpose to Business and Brand
  • Love Brands – What are they
  • Why do some digital ideas fly while others die?
  • The power of Icons
  • How Customer Journey can drive growth for large and small companies
  • Watertight marketing – delivering long term sales results
  • Brightside – An accidental global phenomenon
  • Giving it all away, can you be too generous with content
  • Google & Money
  • Marketing in a mobile world
  • What makes a great App
  • How to get LinkedIn
  • Cloud Marketing
  • Marketing to Women
  • Authenticity in the Digital Era
  • 5 steps to great ideas
  • Leadership and Change for Marketers



A projector is available.  Please advise the host if you require audio

Please provide us with the following information about your talk:

  • Suggested topic title
  • 5 or 6 bullet points about the content of your talk
  • How the audience will benefit (what they’ll take away)
  • Who is this talk of particular relevant to
  • 2 or 3 paragraphs about the speaker and links to your website/LinkedIn profile
  • A head and shoulders photograph plus any image you would like to use to promote/illustrate your talk
  • A copy of your presentation so we can add it to our growing online library

Do feel free to promote your talk to your colleagues and Clients.  They will be able to register for your talk on http://www.marketing-network.org/upcoming/