‘Finding and nurturing digital talent is one of our biggest challenges’ is a phrase we hear at Henry Nicholas time and time again.

A good recruiter should be able to identify the best people quickly, but those select few – the ones you want – are probably interviewing for a number of other roles. Hiring factors are further reaching than simply offering the right money and are not to be ignored. It’s at the job seekers discretion whether they apply for a position within your company, but there are a number of important things that a hiring manager can do to maximise the chances of the best person applying for, and accepting the job.

Whether you’re a start-up, a large corporation, or sit somewhere in-between, it’s important to think about how you present your roles, your employer brand and the candidate journey. A lot of the time we’ll speak to candidates about the company we’re recruiting for and they’ll already have formed an opinion based on several things; they may know somebody who has worked for you in the past, maybe they’ve applied for a role with you earlier in their career, or they may have viewed a LinkedIn page or similar online branded content. Some candidates will trip over themselves to apply for a role with you, whilst others will flat out refuse – as a recruiter it’s important to be one step-ahead.

Simple things like writing a job spec that sounds exciting and sells the opportunity, not just listing your demands, can make a huge difference. How you present yourself and sell the role at interview will have a bearing on whether a candidate will accept the position too. Spending the time to give decent feedback on CV’s and interviews will help keep people engaged with your process, even if they are unsuccessful on that occasion. People talk to their peers and they may well know the perfect candidate for your next vacancy, so it’s good to strengthen the relationship from the off.

Nurturing your existing talent is just as important as hiring the best new employees. Digital is a fast-moving sector and it’s important to stay up-to-date. Employers who encourage their staff to go to conferences and train in a new technology are far more likely to provide employees with a long and fulfilling career – this kind of approach is likely to help keep your employees with you longer-term. Creating a positive and fun internal culture can do a lot for staff retention and aid general productivity, as can regular salary benchmarking.

Finding and nurturing digital talent is a hot topic, particularly in the South West where there is a growing number of digital businesses, with the majority of the best talent already happily employed. There are a lot of companies who get it right, and plenty that we think would benefit from hearing more on the subject, so, we thought hosting a key note talk on the subject would be apt.

The speaker for the evening will be Matt Hardy, Digital Director and Joint Managing Director of Bristol CRM agency The Real Adventure. Matt will bring his years of experience in working with digital talent to the Marketing Network stage in order to offer you valuable insight into the challenge of recruiting and retaining the best people for your company.

The event will take place on Tuesday 11th October 5.30 – 7.30 at The Clifton Club, Bristol and Thursday 26th January 2017 in Bath.  Keep an eye on this site for tickets.

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Tony Allen, Principal Consultant, Henry Nicholas